Company Information

Company name Tsugawa Electric Works Company Limited
President Etsuro Otsu
Found 1963.1.29
Capital 1 million Yen
Products Various types of motor, actuator and controller
Number of Employee 35
Head office 621 Nakamuracho, Kita-ku, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone +81-72-240-3623
Fax +81-72-240-3638
Major clients Manufacturers of agricultural machinary, boat equipment,
industrial machinary and medical machinary


January 1963 DC-PM-motor goes on the market.
September 1967 DC-field-coil-motor goes on the market.
October 1980 High power winch goes on the market.
August 1981 DC-series-connected-motor, shunt-connected-motor,
complex-connected-motor are developed and goes on the market.
April 1983 Linear Actuator is developed and goes on the market.
March 1986 Differential Gear system goes on the market.
April 1988 The development of Differential gear system is supported by the Hi-tech fund of Osaka prefecture.
September 1989 Seoul Representative Office is opened.
March 2000 The development of Hybrid Hydraulic Cylinder is supported by SBIR of SMRJ.
March 2003 DC-Brushless-Motor goes on the market.
July 2006 Changzhou Naniwa Electric works Co.,Ltd.is established in Jiangsu China
April 2016 TNNH CONGTY TSUGAWA VIETNAM is established in Hanoi Vietnam
July 2019 Tsugawa Electric Works Co.,Ltd.is established in Namba Osaka(100% Capital is owd by Kanki KK)